Help Us Help Wildlife!

Crikey! We have surpassed our initial goal and we're about to start construction on our new wards, thank you Wildlife Warriors! 

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital takes in animals from all over Australia. Most of the patients we have seen affected by the fires are grey-headed flying foxes, a species vulnerable to extinction. We are so thankful to you, our Wildlife Warriors, for all of your incredible support! Thanks to all of your generosity, we are expanding our plans to expand the hospital to cope with the influx of patients we’re experiencing. The hospital recently treated its 90,000th patient, something Steve would have been extremely proud of. To cope with so many animals being admitted to the hospital, in 2019 we opened a sea turtle rehabilitation centre, sea snake ward and are about to complete a new bird recovery area, but it’s still not enough to keep up with wildlife affected by human impact, drought and wildfires. 

Thanks to you, we are now: 

1. Purchasing and regenerating crucial habitat for species affected by human impact, drought and wildfires. 

2.  Planning a ward for flying foxes at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Flying fox (or fruit bat) admissions have skyrocketed this fire season and the ward will allow us to care for more while they undergo treatment. 

3.   Designing a crèche for orphaned flying foxes, where they will learn how to be wild again before being released with a wild colony. 

4.   Sending medical supplies to wildlife rescuers and carers on the frontline of the fire-affected areas. 

5.   Putting together bat carer packs to be sent home with wildlife carers. These include bottles, milk formula and bat wraps. 

6.   Purchasing commercial food preparation equipment for wildlife care groups to cater for a huge number of patients. 

7.   Constructing a climate-controlled intensive care ward for our ever-growing number of koala patients. 

Thank you for making a difference in the world and continuing Steve’s legacy.